2020 Invitations

Please visit our Applications page if you are interested in applying for any of our 2020 invitations. Please review the age requirements document to check eligibility for a program.

If you don’t see an invitation for your age group, please still fill out an application (on line and supplemental) because we may receive additional invitations which need to be acted on quickly.

Applications are still being accepted.

Any questions please contact Heather McHale cisvliclondon@gmail.com

Village (Age 11)

4 weeks - 26-June-2020 to 23-July-2020

(4 youth + 1 leader) 

Junior Counsellor (16-17)

MALE - 4 weeks - 19-July-2020 to 15-August-2020


Step Up (Age 14)

3 weeks - 10-July-2020 to 1-August-2020

(4 youth + 1 leader)

Seminar Camp (Age 17-18)

3 weeks - various dates

See the list of Canadian invitations here.

***Please note that all Seminar Camp participants must bborn between June 2, 2001 and December 31, 2003***  

Youth Meeting (19+)

8 days - 27-December-2020 to 3-January-2021

International People's Project (IPP) (19+)

There are four IPP locations in 2020. More information can be on CISV International's website.




17 to 31 July 2020

Sustainability in education : Bringing pedagogical & scientific perspectives to CISV educational goals

11 to 25 July 2020

Connecting generations : ageing in our society

1 to 15 August 2020

Food and dignity for all – social care and models of support

3 to  22 January 2021

Who owns the city? : promoting the use of cultural spaces by socially excluded groups

*Not including additional days for travel before and after camp

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