June 1st: #289 Kim H.

June 2nd: #614 Sherry Ann D.

June 3rd: #542 Luis G.

June 4th: #407 Mike B.

June 5th: #488 Karen L.

June 6th: #187 Scott M.

June 7th: #052 Shelly M.

June 8th: #081 Lissa F.

June 9th: #678 Jazmin H.

June 10th: #148 Fred C.

June 11th: #219 Lisa D.

June 12th: #582 Jim K.

June 13th: #513 Mike L.

June 14th: #048 Lori Q.

June 15th: #213 Sue L.

June 16th: #075 Pam K.

See your name on the list of winners? Congratulations!!

You can pick up your prize at Huron Flooring at 782 York Street between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Get ready to win!

CISV London will be holding our biggest draw ever! Thirty days means you have thirty chances to win one of our amazing prizes. All throughout the month of June we will be drawing one lucky winner at day. Interested in participating? Tickets are $10.00 and can be purchase by contacting us.

Once you have your tickets, check back throughout the month to see if you're one of our thirty lucky winners!

See what prizes we'll be offering:

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